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Reciprocal Hands-On Adjustments with Eric in Phinney

The Craft of Teaching Yoga presents Reciprocal Hands-On Adjustments, tools for intentional connection.

Join yoga instructor Eric Rabena in this foundational workshop that explores the intention, purpose, and technique in making a connection with your students through assists and adjustments.

Together, let's explore the reciprocal nature of hands-on assists, and crystallize our WHY—why assist? Why adjust? Why engage in someones personal space? Why do you want to see your students? And why touch at all?

Once that is clear, we delve into the multiplicity of WHAT and HOW? What are the ways to purposeful engagement? What's the difference between assists, adjustments, directional guidance, and modifications? And how do I apply these techniques on top of holding space for the entire class?

After this workshop, you will: 

  • Have a greater appreciation and tools to communicate your boundaries and other's boundaries as well. 
  • Learn how to "read the room" and make snap decisions on how to "hold space" for your students.
  • Gain valuable tools that equip you to make meaningful, appropriate, safe and body-aware connections with your students.
  • Understand how energy reciprocates and moves through the body, and how to engage with your students to harness their innate energetic-body.
  • The most bestest Savasana assist, ever.

Important note: this workshop includes respectful partner work, which all participants are encouraged to participate, but not required. Though while it is beneficial to watch, and not join in partner work, there is much to be said about the lessons learned on the field.

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi