Anne Williams

Barre Instructor

I love getting to know others in my class and getting stronger together.
— Anne

I grew up dancing and was always physically active; if I wasn’t dancing, I was running, cycling, or hiking – until I started really focusing on my career – working 60+ hour weeks, traveling often for work, and raising a family (3 amazing kids). I discovered barre after moving to Seattle six years ago. I love that barre is physically hard but also musical and expressive. When I started taking barre classes regularly, I gave myself the challenge that I wanted to get so good at it that I could teach it, so I jumped at the opportunity to do barre teaching training at Bohemian Studios.

I love the opportunity to be creative with music, to challenge myself and others with barre choreography, but most of all - I love getting to know others in my class and and getting stronger together.

We continue to build muscle into our 30s, but at some point in our 3rd decade, we start to lose muscle mass -- and it can be up to 5% each decade. On a personal level, I intend to get stronger - not weaker - each decade. And it's my intent do enable the same for those who take my class. To that end, I hope to create a class that is both fun and hard, that challenges all levels, and that enables our community to grow stronger every day.

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