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Respire with Reya & Karuna in Phinney

Tap into your vast internal intelligence with Breath.

In The ReSpire Ceremony we bring conscious awareness to our breath and create space within us for clear vision, intuition, and direct connection with our divinity.

Our breath is divinity moving through us, and as we bring our awareness to the dance of the breath, then we enhance our connection to the space within us that is grace or divinity.

With an enhanced connection, we direct access to our higher knowing centers, our body intelligence, our deeper, richer life experience.

With Reya and Karuna’s gentle guidance, body adjustments, and Sound Salad (like a sound bath with more ingredients) a pocket of Heaven is created for you to journey within. The opportunity to breathe in this way provides a deep sense of connection to your own wisdom, an indescribable sense of well-being, access to other dimensions of your own reality, and a deep sense of belonging and calm.

The science behind this breathing technology proves it's therapeutic and detoxifying effects on the physical body. ReSpire is an extraordinary, brilliant, simple and soulful medicine for all levels of our Being.

This 2-Hour Ceremony includes:

  • Gathering Circle and Tea Ceremony
  • 60 minutes of Breathwork and Sound Salad
  • Closing Circle

Venture into your breath medicine journey. Click here for tickets! $40

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi