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Yin + Sound with Emily and Molly in Phinney Ridge

  • Bohemian Studios — Phinney (map)

Join Emily and Molly for a blissful evening of yin yoga accompanied by a sound bath. Yin yoga is a system of yoga designed to target the deeper, connective tissues of the body through carefully supported poses and longer hold times in each shape. This deeply meditative practice allows us to maintain mobility in our joints while cultivating an internal sense of equanimity. Pairing your yin practice with a sound bath creates a deeply sensory experience, allowing you to bask in the gentle vibrations of the crystal bowls, each with its own unique frequency.

In this 90 minute workshop, Emily will guide you through an introspective yin practice while Molly creates a sound bath, playing crystal bowls and using vocal toning to create a gentle wash of sound vibrations. Class will end in an extended savasana with a sound bath, leaving you rested and restored in body and spirit!

all the good vibes: $35

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi