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The Journey Card | January—March 2019

The Journey Card Bohemian Studios Best Yoga and Barre Studio Seattle Phinney Ridge West Seattle

January 1 - March 31

The Journey Card is an epic Bohemian adventure!

This journey challenges you to visit every instructor, and class offering, we host at Bohemian Studios, in Phinney Ridge and West Seattle.

Like any good adventure, it is challenging, but we learn to love the complexities of all the twists and turns. It’s about the Journey, not the destination, and every bit is worth the trek!

While the payoff (free stuff!) may allure you to keep going, you’ll soon realize that the Journey itself is rich and rewarding. You’ll engage with our community, and you will build bonds with our instructors and other Dreamers. Through the Journey you will explore new times, teachers, and offerings, too.

#bohojourney Ready for this?

Jump in and enjoy the journey! 

What does it cost?

Nada. Journey Cards are free for everyone while supplies last!

What are the rules?

  • Attend class and get your instructor’s signature. All scheduled teachers are included on the card, but subs are not.

  • Fill the entire card with your instructors' signatures.

  • Only have one signature per class. You will need to attend each instructor’s class in addition to each class type. One class only counts for one signature. (for example, if you attend class with Carly, you can get a signature on Carly or on Strong Flow, but not both!)

  • Stay on top of getting your signatures! You cannot obtain signatures retroactively, so if you forget your card for a class, you will be unable to get a signature for that class.

  • You must have the correct teacher signature and date on the card for that instructor :)

  • The Journey Card must complete on or before April 1, 2019, and posted to your social media to claim prizes.

  • BTW, there are lots of little giveaways along the way, keep reading for details!

When does the Journey end?

Frankly, we hope your Boho journey never ends. But for this challenge, please take a picture of your completed Journey Card and post it to Instagram or Facebook to claim your prize! Remember to hashtag #bohojourney and @bohemianstudios.

You can turn it in sooner, but not later than April 1!

What are the prizes? 

The obvious payout is that this Journey has hopefully gifted you with a sustainable and exciting fitness regime with an amazing community of brilliant Bohemians! Those that retrieved all their signatures and post on their social media get one choice of these three options:

  • 10 additional days on your unlimited pass

  • 10 class punch card

  • $200 OFF Barre Bohemian teacher training or The Craft of Teaching Yoga

How do I claim my prize? THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Take a photo of your completed Journey Card and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #bohojourney by April 1!

Err, but what about the extra giveaways you talked about??!

This journey offers us the opportunity to look within and amplify the experience of our lives. Join us in a social media challenge to win mini-prizes for the first 8 weeks of our trek. Here’s how it works:

Each week, we’ll offer prompts: 1. spirit 2. love 3. growth 4. creativity 5. freedom 6. struggle 7. resolve 8. community.

On facebook or instagram, draw, collage, sing, dress up, write, make a short film, whatever the writing prompt elicits. Self expression is key. Then:

  1. post on instagram & fbook 

  2. tag us @bohemianstudios

  3. hashtag #bohojourney in your post

  4. all posts IN by Sunday at 9am - weekly winners announced on Sundays!

pssst! posts must be current hashtag can’t be applied to old posts.

Are you IN? Of course you are!

Journey Cards hit the studio in mid-December so get yours asap!

Love and respect,

Your Bohemians

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Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi