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Living Yoga Traditions with Jenna McDonald in Phinney Ridge

The Craft of Teaching Yoga presents Living Yoga Traditions.

This Dynamic workshop teaches Traditional Vedic 8-Limbed Yoga as a combination of invigorating physical and technical Ashtanga Yoga Asana bathed in philosophy. As a long time student of Vedanta, Sanskrit, and Asana, Jenna learned the 8 Limbed path via Vedic Teachings through Swami Tattvavidananda on the Yoga Sutras. She will approach Ashtanga Primary Series through the lens of the Yoga Sutras, leaving students with a compelling window into what Ashtanga can do for the body-mind when practiced in a traditional form.

When we understand HOW YOGA WORKS - it immediately works to our advantage - reaching deeply into the subtle body and creating a reliable source of vitality for the student. We explore postures with an awareness of breath, alignment and “Traditional Inner Methods” creating the conditions that will shift your yogic viewpoint & practice for years to come.

Come learn how to apply ancient wisdom to your urban lifestyle!

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Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi