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The Balance Within | a workshop for caretakers and empaths

A Workshop for Caretakers & Empaths


With the holiday season approaching faster than anyone is comfortable with, now is the perfect time to explore ways to stay present with yourself when difficulties arise by developing your own personal toolbox of wellness practices to care for the mind, body, and spirit. Welcome, to the world of self-care!


Whether you hold space for people at your job or at home, it can be exhausting to be the caretaker, listener, conflict manager, or problem solver. As you work and engage with co-workers, clients, children, and loved ones - how do you remain balanced and honest with yourself so you can meet others with clarity, authenticity, and purpose?


We know that to be of service, the journey begins within, but what practices do we turn to maintain this sense of balance? In this workshop, we will recall simple yet powerful methods of self-care – yoga, meditation, Yoga Tune Up® self-massage, breath practices, spiritual practices and more! – that allows us to reconnect to ourselves so that we can show up to our lives with integrity.

$40 workshop*
$50 for workshop & YTU balls


*This option is meant for people who want to borrow studio YTU balls or who already own their own YTU balls. Normally therapy balls are sold at their full price of $15.

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi