FAQ on our Cancellation Policy & Waitlist


Cancellation Policy 

Which classes does the Cancellation Policy apply to?
All classes that have very limited spots. This is all barre classes in phinney ridge & west seattle, and yoga classes just in west seattle.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
You must cancel your class reservation more than two hours in advance, or you may lose your class credit or be charged a $20 cancellation fee.

If you are on your “first week for $25” and you do not cancel your class, your discounted week will expire on your first late-cancelled class.

If you have a class punch card, any class that is “late cancelled” will result in a lost credit.

If you have a Dreamer Pass, a One Month Unlimited or a One Year Unlimited pass, the cancellation fee only applies to your account if you’ve late-cancelled more than three times. You can late-cancel up to three times, after your 3rd, you will be charged a fee.

Do my late-cancel status' ever re-set to zero? 
Yes, about every 12 months.

Why do you have a Cancellation Policy? 
We offer our barre classes at very affordable rate, and we pride ourselves on paying teachers well and as “employees” instead of independent contractors. If people are registering for classes, and then not attending, this business model does not work. It crowds out other people who will actually attend, and it prohibits us from paying our teachers well because our space isn’t being fully utilized.

In short, signing up, and then failing to show up, costs our business money that we would otherwise use to pay our teachers and make our studio awesome. 


What if I got stuck in traffic? 
Seattle traffic is brutal! We get it, life happens. That's why you have 3 forgiven late-cancels. After the third, we begin to charge the $20 fee.




What’s the latest I will be added to the class?
You can be added to the class up to 30 minutes before the class begins.


How do I know if I made it into the class?
You should receive an email and/or text notification that you have made it into the class. More on how to get these notifications below.

I got into a class, and I can no longer go! What do I do?
Over half of the people who sign up on the waitlist end up getting into the class. If you sign up on the waitlist, please plan on making it to the class.

If you make other plans after signing up, be sure to cancel your waitlist reservation to leave room for the people who can attend. If you were added and can't remove yourself, please
send us an email so you are not charged, but in the future, please know that you will be charged unless you remove your self from the waitlist prior to the start of the class.

My schedule says I am “unconfirmed” am I in the class?
Yes you are! You made it in the class. Do not worry about the weird “unconfirmed” thing.


How do I get turn on notifications so I know I made it off the waitlist?
You can do this on your MindBody Profile. We recommend turning on email & text message notifications. See below:

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