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Sarah Schulman


I love watching the students on their journey, and that’s what get’s me up early for those 6 am classes!
— Sarah

I loved teaching and giving back to my community by training young dancers! Each student who shows up inspires me to show up for them. Teaching barre was a natural progression. I studied ballet, and other styles of dance from the age of 3 until I was in college. In college I studied Kinesiology, aka movement science - I love this stuff!   After college, I was missing the creative movement I had from my past as a dancer. I began training in the GYROTONIC® method, and within two years I was in Germany being certified to teach. And now I teach barre!

Teaching Barre allows me to take my skills from dance and my musicality to create a fun and empowering class. I love watching the students on their journey, and that's what get's me up early for those 6am classes!

My two ambitions in life are to be happy and stay balanced, in what ever life throws at me. I hope to bring this to my community and grow from everyone around me.  I want to continue working with dancers, yogis, athletes, you name it and help them find their balance in their bodies with movement. 

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