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Article by Bohemian Studios yoga instructor  Emily Bond  Don't miss Emily’s Instagram takeover,  follow us here!

Article by Bohemian Studios yoga instructor Emily Bond
Don't miss Emily’s Instagram takeover, follow us here!

Hey there Bohemians,

A few months ago, in my first grade classroom, I set up a mega mansion for ants.

Every morning, kids would come check on the ants, see how the grass on top was growing, notice new tunnels, and watch the ants work. Often, passing adults would laugh at the growing mob of students gathering around, and then, inevitably, join them.

Eventually, adults started stopping by to watch the ants at work, point out the new tunnels, maybe drop in a few seeds or a little water.

Watching the stream of grown-ups march in and out of my classroom to pause and watch the ants (often unaccompanied by a child), I was reminded of how quickly adults move through the world. We forget to be fascinated by things like ants digging tunnels (really, quite a show!) until it is presented to us in an easy-to-absorb manner. Otherwise, we simply don’t see it as interesting.

Who has the time? We grown-ups are a busy bunch.

The constant pull and ping of our calendars, email, social media, and actual human people that want and need things from us is constant, and it’s easy to fall into patterns that don’t leave us time to pause. Even when we do cultivate a mindful moment, often we’re swept back into the pull of daily life the moment we open our eyes.

Rather than pausing life to check mindfulness off the to-do list, why don’t we learn to lean into our lives just as they are?

Can we learn to notice how we are moving through the world, and remember that childlike earnestness and amazement at the endless small miracles around us? In other words, can we learn to see familiar objects with wonder and newness? 

We make moments special by noticing the moment we are in.

The word special actually means the result of being seen; we feel special when we feel seen by those around us. We make moments special by seeing them; by allowing ourselves to become deeply interested in right here, right now, we see the present moment more clearly as it is.

This alone is practical magic!

Making moments special can be as simple as:

  • Creating rituals that imbue our daily activities with meaning

  • Developing a mindfulness practice to strengthen our ability to be present

  • Be flexible and responsive

When we allow experiences to be new, even if they’re similar to something we have experienced before, we are able to more fully and appropriately respond to the actuality of the situation at handThe world is a magical place for most six year olds.

There is no learned context or framework for many of the daily miracles that occur; rather, each day is filled with wonder and new experiences that expand their horizons.

When we take for granted the existence of the things around us, we forget to notice the endless and invisible ties between our individual lives and the rest of the world.

Can we learn to look a little more deeply at the endless intricacies of right here, right now, just where we are?

Or, to quote Kurt Vonnegut, “I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.” 

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Meet Emily

I came to yoga as a way to recover from a yoga injury. I quickly fell in love with the practice, and how it helped me heal and connect to my body in a way that felt nourishing.

My classes are an exploration of movement. I love to find new ways to move between shapes and transitions. You will harness your strength and power with a breath that guides your movement, revealing new possibilities in your body by breaking down mental barriers.

Yoga is practical magic. It is timeless wisdom. Yoga provides nourishment, self-awareness, and the endless opportunity to grow into our best selves. Yoga is a time people carve out to be with themselves, to move in a way that is nourishing, and to settle back into their very being. I hope to continue to share this medicine in increasingly meaningful and accessible ways.

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