Movement is POWER

Article by Barre  and yoga  instructor Sarah Schulman Don't miss Sarah’s Instagram takeover,  follow us here!

Article by Barre and yoga instructor Sarah Schulman
Don't miss Sarah’s Instagram takeover, follow us here!

Dreamers — Movement is Your Power

When was the last time you cranked the music up and just let loose? Shook you hips and let your hair down, I mean wildly down?  Been a minute? That’s ok, this blog will still be here, so go crank up your favorite throwback or Beyoncé song and just rock out for a minute. 

How good did that feel?

A little silly, goofy? Maybe, but did it also feel freeing and liberating? It probably did. 

 Here’s the thing, your fitness routine should be fun for you.  If you’re not enjoying it, it’s just another “thing” you “should” do.  And that “should” is what sets people up for failure when it comes to their health and fitness.  Taking the pressure of yourself to get in a workout will likely give you better results; like, feeling happy, confident and ready to just rock it - whatever that is for you, moving will help.  

Moving your body is and always will be powerful.

I choose to dance and shake my hips. It makes me feel sexy and confident. But most importantly I feel fearless.  Because at first what I really feel is silly and ridiculous but once I surrender and release my insecurities I have around how I may look, I understand how much power there is in that whole practice of move, shake, jump, release.  And that practice takes all of a 4 minutes in a song. 

How you move is like having a conversation with yourself, through yourself, for yourself. 

It’s allowing your hips to glide and take you into a hair whip. It’s about letting the inhale lift your arm and finding your own way into a forward fold.  It’s about hearing the beat of the music and getting lost in the rhythm of the movement and maybe for a moment all your fears and cares have faded from your mind. And at that second, maybe you can tiny dip a little more or sync deeper into your shape.


How do you communicate with yourself? Do you stand in front of a mirror and say “you’re amazing”! 

I sure do. I talk to myself in the shower and in the car, and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t do this.  And the expression of your body and the movement is an extension of this communication. How you move and converse with the world is going to be different from each day.  For this reason, don't put so much pressure on yourself.

You’re doing great.

You show up and have fun. And some days maybe that means dancing naked in the living room to your favorite 80’s pop song. 

Here’s the thing, and I emphasize this a lot, this movement practice I speak of is really all about being intentional.  It is not about moving to just simply lose weight or get ready to fit in a swimsuit. Those things might happen as a reaction to joy and fun you’re having while building community and sweating to the tunes in barre class.  But that’s because you are able to fully drop in and be present with yourself and the like minded people around you. The studies show that when you are happy and in a flow state, things like feeling good in your body happen seamlessly.  

So moving with intention, why do it?  

Why do you move? Why do you come to the studio for Barre and Yoga? Why do you take walks in your neighborhood? Why is it that when that one song comes on you just can't help but start to move and sway?  What physically action brings you joy or confidence? What is the one thing you can do daily to just feel like, I got this? Some people take a power pose before a big meeting or a big day to elicit confidence (watch this TedTalk on it). And these shapes can be made in any type of movement, be it yoga, tiny lifts in barre or just pausing during a walk.  

The things that feel good to you are the fitness activities that empower you.

And the empowerment is what makes you feel and embody your own personal strengths everywhere you go. And this is what we as instructors are striving to do for you as a community. So again, ask yourself what moves you and why, and keep on moving that way.

With love,

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Meet Sarah

Teaching Barre allows me to take my skills from dance and my musicality to create a fun and empowering class. I love watching the students on their journey, and that's what get's me up early for those 6am classes!

My two ambitions in life are to be happy and stay balanced, in what ever life throws at me. I hope to bring this to my community and grow from everyone around me.  I want to continue working with dancers, yogis, athletes, you name it and help them find their balance in their bodies with movement. 

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