5 Ways to Cultivate Resilience NOW

Article by Barre Bohemian instructor    Heidi Amirra    Don't miss Heidi's Instagram takeover,    follow us here!

Article by Barre Bohemian instructor Heidi Amirra
Don't miss Heidi's Instagram takeover,
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Dearest Dreamers, 

We made it. Again, we made it through the long grey months of our beautiful Pacific Northwest. We kept our heads held high and our eyes on the horizon, trusting the promise of yet another glorious summer. We obediently waded through the days and weeks in our Hunter boots and water-resistant parkers to drip dry as the clouds parted and we felt the warm rays of the sun fall on our faces once more. 

We are the living and breathing models of resilience. 

One might assume that resilience is the act of enduring. The presence of grit. And while that’s not inaccurate, defining resilience as a show of fortitude is not quite complete. It bypasses the most beautiful part of the word. Quite simply: Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. 

It’s not about how well we suffer, but how well we adapt and settle back into ourselves after being shaken up. 

The good news is that the playing field is level.

We are not born with resilience. None of us are. Which means we all begin at the same place and we all have equal opportunities to hone this life-affirming skill. 

Now, learning a new skill can be daunting. I mean, have you ever decided to work on your patience? Only to be met by the universe giving you every single chance imaginable to practice being patient?

Or how about choosing to watch less T.V. the week before the new season of your favorite show hits Amazon. Or when you opt to eat less sugar the day a coworker brings in donuts? And the good ones too, not just grocery store donuts, Mighty-O donuts.

Suddenly, it’s as though you’ve never made a tough decision before in your life. As if this moment is the first time you’ve ever had to take a stand for yourself. 

But a stand isn’t a stand unless it’s met with opposition, right?

Without opposition, we’re just hanging out, going about our business. Furthermore, a stand is not a stand unless you know exactly where your feet are. In order to begin a new journey, or learn a new skill, we must identify where we currently are. There’s a whole lot of talk about destinations and about journeys, but I think there is an incredible amount of power in taking a really good look at where you are and identifying the state of your reality. Once that’s clear, even the slightest step forward can be celebrated. 

So, here are a few ways to develop your personal brand of resilience: 

  1. First, acknowledge that resilience is fluid and can look different in each area of your life (another reason it’s important to identify where you’re starting). You may have a tremendous amount of resilience at work, but perhaps not so much when it comes to managing your health, or vice versa.

  2. Second, take care of yourself. Take care of your body, your heart, and your mind. It’s hard to bounce back if you were on shaky ground to begin with.

  3. Third, look at opposition through the lens of opportunity, and do your absolute best to avoid turning up the drama when there’s a crisis.

  4. Fourth, master your thoughts. Try acknowledging your strength or determination instead of dwelling on how hard a task was.

  5. And finally, practice gratitude. Any chance you get. You’ll find it so much more simple to bounce back if you envelop your labor with gratitude. 

All my love,

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