Welcome to our 4th Summer Soulfood Challenge!


On behalf of the Bohemian Studios team, welcome to our 4th annual Summer Soulfood Challenge!

I’m Adrienne Rabena, studio founder, barre & yoga method creator, and studio co-owner.

Once upon a time, we had the opportunity to open a barre studio in West Seattle. My husband and I got together over tacos to discuss the opportunity. To be entirely honest, my initial response was Heck No! Why? Well, at heart, I am a yogi. I believe in healing, abundance, and self-care rooted in self-love.

I worked for a few years in the barre community, and what I saw was this: rampant body shaming and competitive environments. At some studios, the instructors literally measured their students bodies, hoping to watch their students shrink over time. What message does this send people? To be smaller. To take up less space. To stop paying attention to the cues of the body and keep working out regardless. The messaging of many studios was clear: get toner, get leaner, get smaller, or… feel worthless.

I knew that I did not want to participate in such an unhealthy environment.

Yet, with a little dreaming, we realized that we could spearhead positive change in Seattle. We thought that just maybe we could changed the conversation around health and fitness.

What if, we imagined, we created a barre studio that was empowering, healing, and body supportive? What if we created a studio that welcomed healthy people in any size body?!

We opened in April 2015 in a shoebox-of-a-studio just a skip away from Pizza Hut and the local Food Pantry. We could only afford a flimsy banner as a sign. But, what we lacked in amenities, we made up for with a fierce and compassionate barre workout. What we lacked in retail we made up for in real community and healing connection.

That summer, we hosted the very first Summer Soulfood Challenge. Instead of perpetuating disordered eating and body-loathing through cleanses or encouraging excessive exercise, we hosted a challenge that nourished us from the inside-out. We decided to offer a moderate exercise regime while also gifting free, science-backed holistic nutrition advice & living insights.

This, my friends, is the Bohemian difference.

We encourage participation and community, not superficial aesthetic results. You’ll never hear us say you need to work off, or work for, your food. We support moderate exercise routines and offer many ways to find balance in your life through things like art, yoga, sweet release, and workshops.

AND, this year is our best Summer Soulfood Challenge, yet!

We’ve recruited our brilliant Bohemian Instructors to offer you weekly soul food. Our instructors are professional artists, leaders, therapists, money experts, teachers and entrepreneurs, and they are drawing on their lifetime of insights to help YOU squeeze the most juice out of your life.

So, if you haven’t signed up online, make sure you do so you receive our weekly emails!

Throughout the challenge, we’ll raffle off punch cards, retail, and awesome discounts. We’ll finish the challenge with an exclusive class: The Bohemian Experience. The class is part barre, part yoga, part sweet release, and part meditation. Does it get better than that?!

Finally, if you complete all 36 classes, you’re entered in a raffle for our GRAND PRIZE: a full year of unlimited barre & yoga! Yep!

Join us and join the movement for a truly healthy community. We can’t wait to #tinylift with you!

(oh ps: boards & stickers are up in the studio for your track your classes live!)

— Adrienne

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi