Psychic Readings with Emmett... 

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A psychic reading offers a dedicated time and space for you to receive enlightenment and to empower information about your Self, your spiritual path, and major life lessons and events you are experiencing.

Together, we will examine the energy underlying your current physical reality (including valuable information about your body, mental state, emotional well-being, relationships, and career). Often, a client's energy automatically directs me to the areas of inquiry. You may also bring a series of specific questions you would like to address.

By bringing attention to and addressing energetic patterns present in your life, we open the door for healing, shifting, insight, and growth. You will leave our sessions feeling grounded, happy, centered, nurtured, empowered, and genuinely seen.

Psychic readings combine with aura healing. In an aura healing, we will tune into your energy field more physically, channeling a healing energy similar to Reiki to move energetic blocks in your powerful body. These sessions are potent and fun–I love the moments where we, together, experience the powerful shift in energy!

Please dress in loose layers to feel comfortable and warm, think of any specific questions you would like me to address, and bring a notebook to take notes. Most importantly, come with an open mind!

I am honored, amazed, and even surprised by the wealth of information that comes through for my clients! It is my greatest joy to share focused time with you on your path of awakening.



Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi