Maria McDonald

Maria McDonald

Yoga Instructor and Fun Facilitator

I hope to lend my energy, time and skills towards growing Bohemian Studios into a community space where all members of our community get their needs met holistically.
— Maria

I came to yoga through the difficult experience of losing my mother to cancer and the years of grief and insomnia that followed. I found the practice of yoga provided an incredible space for solace and healing. The practice changed my life and I developed a deep desire to share this beautiful space of healing and hope with my community. Now I meditate and move my body every day and I have never felt so alive, liberated, and full of joy. I hope to bring that sense of vibrancy into every class I teach. 

Putting people to sleep is a passion of mine! But also, I love to inspire people to move their bodies in ways that nourish their lives and demonstrate how accessible and beneficial meditation can be. 

My dream is to proactively contribute to a growing community of beautiful people who want to bring more connection, soul, and substance into our world through our bodies, breath and community. 

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi