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creator: Adrienne Kimberley

When the opportunity came to open a studio, I was feeling disheartened with the fitness industry, and I was close to giving up on teaching all together.

Yet, I saw potential. I saw a huge need for a body empowering space. I was tired of studios that were all about competition and unrealistic body standards, and I desired a refuge. I wanted a soul-inspired space that could offer a fierce workout alongside authentic connection.

The vision for Bohemian Studios poured abundantly into my mind; the colors, the mural, the art, the message all were very vivid. And so, we started Seattle’s only independent barre studio, and our city's first barre and yoga concept.

There are many compelling reasons to create and sustain this space. I believe that we can build a community that motivates people without body shaming, that we can foster an environment that empowers all body types and backgrounds, and that we can care for our instructors while also serving our students.

director: Eric Rabena

Bohemian Studios is heart and soul. We have co-created an environment that inspires us, and encourages us to be creative and holistic. Not only is the physical space amazingly beautiful, but there is a palpable positive energetic radiance about it. From the smells, to the sights, to the interconnectedness of all the people involved, it's an absolutely amazing thing to be a part of.

A wee bit about my journey thus far... Yoga was divinely placed in my life during the tail end of an arduous breakup of a 10-year long relationship, and has since been integral to the evolution of my self.

I committed to a year-long yoga practice right from the get-go, which I did without fail. Frankly, I had no clue as to why I did yoga other than the physical aspect of suppleness and trying to put my body into cool positions. Little did I know the transformational iterations it would take on in my life...

Queue the amazing Adrienne...
I stumbled into Adrienne's class on Capitol Hill on a gloriously fateful 2014 spring evening. Long-story-short, I fell in love with her (and her yoga). Our first tea-date was a conversation about teacher training, as I was exploring delving deeper into my practice. And (this is the super condensed version), now we're a happy couple, exploring the world of yoga, carrying and sharing the lineage of what we have learned.

This journey has been an awakening for me. I have come to know a strong body, and a free spirit simply from exploring the fabric of my being. 

I teach a musical, fluid vinyasa flow. I encourage my yogis to explore and experience, through conscious awareness, the energetic cues of the subtle body. My classes are an experience into your self to notice the cintilation, to feel the driving emotion, and to integrate the two. It's a practice of gratitude for self, and balancing acceptance with non-attachment, and finding strength and beauty in all things through movement.

My practice is super playful and explorative, and I look to expand the barriers of thought and physicality through utilization of the energetic breath and sentient body mindfulness. It is my heart's intention for my practice to influence my instruction—creating a challenging yet fun class for my yogis.

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi